RC Skin Labs offers the most innovative and effective solutions for cosmeceutical and mesotherapy (without needles) in Los Angeles. We are dedicated towards innovative research making the company an international benchmark brand. RC Skin Labs products are developed and formulated by internationally recognized chemists. All our products are proudly manufactured in Los Angeles, California. RC Skin Labs has a specialized research and development team that travels all over Europe, the United States, and South America. Over the years we have earned the title as the "go-to" mesotherapy Los Angeles connection. When it comes to mesotherapy Los Angeles, we have everything you will need to fulfill your beauty. We carry a vast inventory of products ranging from our exclusive brand Body Svelta, Dermclar, and other specialized products for professional & distributor use.

Some might ask what do we offer that others don't? Well simply we offer EVERYTHING that corporate retailers don't or can't offer since everything we sell is 100% natural. When it comes to your body, always choose the safest products you know only contain natural ingredients. RC Skin Labs prides themselves upon offering all our clients the safest and most natural products that can't be found in stores. RC Skin Labs is known to be the most trusted mesotherapy Los Angeles company within the entire nation.

Call us anytime for any questions regarding your cosmeceutical needs or mesotherapy Los Angeles. We would like to hear any feed back you might have for us. RC Skin Labs ensures our clients and distributors are the highest priority within our company. Don't ever feel any question isn't worth asking especially if it's about a product. Our goal is to ensure you are taken care of 100%.


Our philosophy is to use superior ingredients to achieve outstanding results.

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